Thanks to Zahal


We started this project because Israeli soldiers need, and deserve, to feel the support of people from around the world.


Wherever we deliver your packages and letters, soldiers tell us that your love & support gives them pride and strength.


They give 3 years to protect & defend Israel and freedom everywhere. Express your thanks today.


Take a minute today to write a letter of support to our brave and moral young men of the Shayetet 13 (Israeli Navy Seals), the unit which boarded the Flotilla, and Israeli soldiers everywhere. They are risking their lives to protect Jews and democracy in Israel and around the world everyday.

Your letters of support are more meaningful to them than can be imagined, strengthening their hearts, bodies and souls. Please, share your love and encouragement with them through letters from you, your family and friends.

You can send a letter and package from this website by clicking on the box above or
email your letters to or send them by mail tto TIS, 5185 MacArthur Blvd NW, Suite 636, Washington DC 20016.

All letters will be personally delivered. 100% of the donation goes to the packages for the soldiers.

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